Say Hello To The New Grit & Wit

It’s finally time for me to share the new branding and site for Grit & Wit! I feel like I have been talking about this forever and working towards this day for over a year. It’s been a classic “cobbler has no shoes” scenario. I have been in the same position that I have been helping my clients get out of. I’d built my business on a shoestring budget, focused on working with the right clients, learned how to run this thing called Grit & Wit, and kept putting one foot in front of the other. When I looked up everything was going great – except my branding and site (a theme I bought and customized) weren’t cutting it any more. Thankfully, I’d outgrown it. And I say thankfully because it meant that I had grown! After helping my awesome clients get the brand experience they’ve always wanted, I found myself having my own brand shame. I started dreaming up some big plans and sketching the new face of Grit & Wit. I am so excited to re-introduce myself today.

So, hello again. I’m Ann. My branding studio, Grit & Wit, is all about beautiful brand stories inspired by people. I create complete visual expressions that help my clients look (and act) like the professionals they are. I love working with small businesses like interior designers, event stylists and planners, small retailers, restaurants, artists, and other creative types. I clarify messages, give direction and create the package that brings them better clients and more confidence. Along with my development partner, we craft (and I am not saying that in a hipstery way, these sites are literally handcrafted) beautifully functional websites that work for our clients on the front end, as well as the backend. That means they look amazing and aren’t a headache to use. The beauty of working with us is that each client gets an intimate and individual experience, catered to their unique vision for their business.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to me, proofread for me, developed for me, critiqued for me and had patience with me over these past few months.

I am excited to be turning this page with you all. Cheers!



Special thanks to Rusticus Films, Jen Nieman, and Haley Sheffield Photography for the beautiful images, video and makeup. You all made me look good. Literally.


GW_SIte-09 GW_SIte-10 GW_SIte-11




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