The Process



Once you’ve hired me, it’s time to explore your existing look and assets. We’ll discuss your vision for the future, with the help of worksheets and an in-depth creative brief to ensure I know exactly where we’re heading. With your input, I’ll begin to curate a creative direction tailored to your personal story and style.

Our goals for this phase: Clarity. Alignment. Understanding.

look & feel

The design begins! Now it’s time for you to sit back, relax, and let me take the driver’s seat. In this phase, I’ll begin crafting your identity, assessing your brand messaging and designing your site -- all based on the plan we carefully plotted in Phase 1.

Our goals for this phase: Interpret. Translate. Create.


Finally, the fruit of our labors -- a design package perfectly suited to your needs. After the launch of your site, we’ll sit down for a virtual tutorial so you can peek behind the curtain and learn how the back end of your site functions.

Our goals for this phase: Present. Connect. Enjoy.


Once we’ve applied the final polish to your updated visual identity, I’ll supply all the files you need to share your brand’s new face with the world, and you can sit back and enjoy as the compliments start rolling in!

Our goals for this phase: Enjoy.

{  “Ok, cool…”,you’re thinking to yourself. “but what about the cost?”  }

right this way!