Customer Profiles: How defining your perfect customer can lead to big results

Last time we covered how to start defining your brand. Now it’s time to focus on your customers. There’s a lot to be learned from the people who are purchasing from you (or who you WANT to be purchasing from you). It’s important to focus on them the same way you’d think about your own brand. Let’s start with a few questions that can help clarify who your customer is. Think about your favorite person to work with.


Who is your ideal customer?

Where do they live and work?

Where do they spend time online?

What do they value?

What success are they looking for?

What do they say when they come to you?

What is their most basic need that you are meeting?

What is their emotional need? This might be a pain point they are experiencing and needing you to alleviate.


Also, consider where these perfect clients are hanging out online. Are they Instagram addicts or professional Pinteresters? What are they Googling? What hashtags are they using? Meet them there and lend your expertise when appropriate. For example, if you’re an interior designer, many of your clients are on Pinterest curating inspiration boards for their homes. Are you pinning your work there? Are you explaining your creative process and sharing that in your posts? They are looking for YOU. Make sure you’re where they are.


Next, we’ll talk about where you and your customer overlap. It’s a formula for success that can take your brand from “me too” to standout.



Defining Your Brand: Taking time to focus on what makes your business yours

Here we are in 2017 and I could not be more excited about jumping into this new year. I was ready to leave 2016 in the dust way back in July, let’s be honest. I know there is an abundance of “new year, new goals” posts and I am sure you are kinda over those by now. So, even though I do have some exciting things in the works (growing the team and finally showing off more of our strategy skills), I thought I would start it off with something different. Each month I am going to cover a “theme” pertaining to branding, design and strategy. The bite-sized posts are written to give you insight into the process and the power to use it in your own business. Ready? Let’s do it. This month’s theme is DEFINE.

First up for 2017 is Defining Your Brand: Being You in Your Business and Connecting With Your Perfect Customers. Ok, I know you’ve heard a million people tell you why it’s important to define your brand. But do you know how to go about it? Here’s my first, simple step to get you on the path to definition. Stop working for just a minute. Stop emailing, stop clicking, stop talking. Stop Pinteresting and stop Instagramming (it’s not helping, I promise). Find a quiet place and bring a pencil and paper. Start by completely brain dumping all the why’s & how’s of your business. Don’t over think it. Here’s a few to get you started:


What do you do?

Why do you do this work?

Who do you want to work with?

Who do you not want to work with?

Why do you get up in the morning to do it?

What are your skills – learned or intuitive?

Why does it make you happy?

Why does it suck sometimes?

How did you get started?

When does your heart flutter when you’re working?

What are you doing at that moment?

What are you doing that’s different from others in your industry?


Do you see how your business’ personality coming into focus? Your answers to these questions are what start to define your brand’s unique personality. Don’t be afraid to be you. One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners making is following the pack. I totally get it. It’s hard not to feel like there are “rules” to follow in order to be successful. But the number one thing that is going to set you apart is YOU.

You have the answers! You just need to listen to yourself. And if you need a little guidance or perspective, feel free to give me a shout over here. We’re pretty good at this stuff.


Next up: Customer Personas: How To Connect With Your Audience in An Authentic Way