brand reveal / yellow umbrella events

It’s time for another brand reveal and this one is especially fun. Austin-based Yellow Umbrella Events was in need of a brand overhaul to take an already successful business up to the level of their higher end clientele. Having outgrown their previous design, Cheryl and Shea were ready to polish up their brand with a celebratory vibe and a whole lotta personality. The one rule: stay away from the stereotypical event planner look. No pastels, no calligraphy, no neutrals and definitely no yellow umbrella. It was an interesting challenge. I love it when people want to push the boundaries a bit and come to me with a list of  “dont’s”! I was so excited to dive into this brand and create something to help set Yellow Umbrella Events apart. Cheryl had an idea to use a pineapple, the symbol of hospitality and friendship, which worked well as a recognizable icon across the brand design. We wanted to have an expressive and fun feel but retain an air or sophistication and class and the pineapple illustration helped convey that story. The tagline, “Perfection. Planned.” speaks to their planning skills, event organization and experience in the industry. Perfection isn’t easy, it takes a process and a meticulous plan – Cheryl and Shea’s speciality.  Knowing that their customers are often on the higher end of the budget scale and inspired by their eclectic types of events, we created a brand that elevates this awesome company and solidifies their experience in the industry.

Cheers, Yellow Umbrella Events!





Customer Profiles: How defining your perfect customer can lead to big results

Last time we covered how to start defining your brand. Now it’s time to focus on your customers. There’s a lot to be learned from the people who are purchasing from you (or who you WANT to be purchasing from you). It’s important to focus on them the same way you’d think about your own brand. Let’s start with a few questions that can help clarify who your customer is. Think about your favorite person to work with.


Who is your ideal customer?

Where do they live and work?

Where do they spend time online?

What do they value?

What success are they looking for?

What do they say when they come to you?

What is their most basic need that you are meeting?

What is their emotional need? This might be a pain point they are experiencing and needing you to alleviate.


Also, consider where these perfect clients are hanging out online. Are they Instagram addicts or professional Pinteresters? What are they Googling? What hashtags are they using? Meet them there and lend your expertise when appropriate. For example, if you’re an interior designer, many of your clients are on Pinterest curating inspiration boards for their homes. Are you pinning your work there? Are you explaining your creative process and sharing that in your posts? They are looking for YOU. Make sure you’re where they are.


Next, we’ll talk about where you and your customer overlap. It’s a formula for success that can take your brand from “me too” to standout.